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Moms Night Out


Once a month our members take a break from their busy schedules for a Moms Night Out on the town! 

Holiday Parties


Whether we are celebrating during our annual end of the year party or dressing our little ones up for trick or treat, we always have events on the calendar for every holiday!

Play & Learn


Our chapter offers Moms of preschoolers, an opprtunity to learn through play and interaction, with children of all ages, through activities that enrich their childhood development and experience!

Home Play Groups


We match you with  members within the club who have children of the same age for weekly and scheduled play dates at the locations of your choice. Our playgroups start from newborns!

Science & Discovery Fieldtrips


We frequent all sorts of museums and learning facilities which are age appropriate for our members children!

Teach Me About The World 


Newtown Moms Club encourages children to learn about the world around them. We incorporate numerous activites that demonstrate and share cultural experiences with members and their familes!



Our kids love playdates in the park and so do we! Whether it's a quick picnic or a ride down Dickinson's park new zipline you can always find us around town at our local parks! 

Community Support


We are passionate about giving back to our communiy. We volunteer with varies organizations in the area to help those in need.

Club Activities

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